martes, octubre 06, 2009

Canciones más o menos imprescindibles: (You All) Everybody

(You All) Everybody


Rock and roll, man

I walk around my town
Watch the people come and go
I watch them up and down
And i see what they don't know
They have given up on me
I can see it in their eyes
Well, i have given up on you
And i think you should realise

You all, everybody
You all, everybody
I don't like you stupid people
Wearing expensive clothes
You all everybody
You all, everybody

You all everybody

I know you see what i have been
And compare with what i am
But i don't care now what you've seen
I'm just doing what i can
You say you've given up on me
And you say it like i should care
Well i have given up on you
And no, i don't want to “share”


You all everybody

And will you get the message now?
When i cross my heart and shout it out damn loud?


You all everybody
Yeah, you all everybody
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